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No one likes the thought of growing old and dying, especially not Kimmy. When her parents decide it’s time to take her beloved Nana to an assisted living center, Kimmy will face her darkest fears and discover that the Oak Springs Care Facility is much more than a nursing home.


A special preview of the short story “Visiting Hours,” just for you!


Soon didn’t come soon enough. After we visited Nana, I began having nightmares. In those dreams, I would see her being wheeled down the halls by Ms. Snider. She was dressed in a clown suit. Along with the red lipstick and blush, she wore a bright red nose. Fangs protruded from both sides of her mouth and every time she opened it to smile, blood dripped from the corners of her lips.

She laughed and skipped down the halls, wheeling Nana from one room to another. In each room she entered, there was a new set of horrors. In the first room, there was a pile of skin stacked to the ceiling. In the second room, bones lay scattered about. And in the third room, there were coolers full of organs and body parts.

I told my dad about this nightmare and many others. I told him we had to rescue Nana. After listening to me talk about my dreams again and again, he bought me a night light. It didn’t stop the nightmares…